In an annual survey of PR clients’ ratings, Solski Communications again received one of the best results. The summary of the study conducted by the renowned research company Kantar Polska, through telephone interviews with clients of 18 agencies, was published by the key Polish industry monthly Media i Marketing Polska in its latest, November issue.

Six general categories, grades on a scale of 1-5

All surveyed clients gave Solski Communications the maximum rating of 5.0 in three out of six categories, namely:

  • “Cooperation with the agency”,
  • “Customer service standards”,
  • “Policy and Public Affairs”.

In the remaining three categories: “Strategy”, “Media Relations”, and “Issue management and crisis management”, the Agency obtained from 4.4 to 4.8 points.

12 detailed categories, grades on a scale of 1-6

In all detailed categories, Solski Communications received scores above 5 points, including, like last year, the maximum of 6 points in the category “Observes principles of professional ethics”.

The agency also received very high marks, improving upon last year’s results – which had already been high – in the following categories:

  • “Enjoys good reputation in the industry” – 5.9 points,
  • “Tries to understand the operating policy and the culture of the client’s organization” – 5.9 points,
  • “The services are worth the fee the customer pays” – 5.8 points,
  • “Offers a strategic and long-term approach to the implementation of commissioned activities” – 5.8 points,
  • “Efficiently reacts to emerging threats that may lead to crisis situations” – 5.8 points.

The following categories were also rated high, at 5.6 points:

  • “Informs clearly and in detail how the budget is spent,”
  • “PR activities and campaigns carried out by the agency are effective,”
  • “Understands the client’s business, the product / service category, and the industry’s market situation.”

In the remaining three categories, the agency received 5.1-5.3 points.

Summing up Solski Communications’ results, Media and Marketing Polska wrote: “As in previous years, based on client opinio0ns, one of the best-rated PR agencies, in every respect.”

“I would like to thank the clients who agreed to take part in the survey, for the trust they place in us and for such high marks. I am also proud of the team and employees who, with their commitment, level of professionalism and reliable work at all levels, fully deserve these assessments. We will do our best to keep enjoying the trust of our clients, and continue supporting them at the highest level. We also will try to improve our work in those areas where we received slightly lower marks,” – said Ryszard Solski, the founder and president of the agency.

The complete report is available in the November issue of Media Marketing Polska, pp. 78-92 (in Polish only).





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