The media, both traditional and new one, is rightly called “the Fourth Estate”, because its messages shape public opinion. This is why cooperation with the media is an essential part of effective external communications for companies, institutions, and organizations.

One of our core competences is the ability to build relations with journalists based on the understanding of their profession, mutual respect, and partnership. Our effectiveness in this area is best evidenced by the fact that almost all our clients use these services, some since the founding of our Agency.

In our operations, we always try to understand and address the nature of the journalist’s profession, interests of individual journalists, the rhythm of their work. Tailor-made, eye-catching press releases, interesting meetings in the form of conferences, press briefings, debates and round tables – all these forms of contact help building and maintaining relationships with the media.

To adapt our activities to individual clients’ needs and expectations, at the very beginning of cooperation we create reports and analyses of their media presence. In time, they become the basis of our proposed media strategies.

At this initial stage, we also provide media training, during which we help the clients to master the principles of dealing with the media and of media culture that enable the clients to professionally and reliably present themselves through the media.

Further to this, we try to consistently pursue the chosen media strategy, matching the range of activities and tools to clients’ specific needs. It is a whole range of activities, from basic tools such as developing and distributing press releases, to arranging statements and interviews, and acting as the client’s press office. Sometimes, at the request of our clients, we undertake the role of spokesperson for the company.

We conduct media activities primarily in Poland, in all regions of the country. At the request of several Polish clients, we have also been managing them in other countries, with the help of the local Burson-Marsteller offices or affiliates.

In some cases, we serve as a regional hub for international companies, coordinating communications activities across Central and Eastern Europe.