Effective communications – both in the media and on the organization’s own website – requires following principles developed by generations of PR specialists and journalists. How to formulate a convincing message? How to talk to journalists to reduce the risk of manipulation or misunderstanding? How to speak and how to behave to build credibility instead of undermining it? What to do in a difficult or critical situation, when everything goes  haywire, it is hard to tell exactly what is going on, and the press is already demanding answers to questions that cannot be answered yet? In a difficult situation, is it better to remain polite or to engage in a verbal scuffle with a journalist?

Solski Communications offers its clients a full range of professional media and crisis management trainings – from lectures illustrated with specific examples from Poland and from around the world, to crisis simulations and individual interactive workshops for managers and spokespersons.  We conduct trainings in Polish and English, each time adjusting them to individual needs and expectations of the clients, and using scenarios and situations that are most likely to occur in their industries. Our training offering includes:

In addition to preparing our clients for interacting with the media in Poland, we also provide international media relations training for representatives of state institutions, and Polish companies. Our colleagues from Burson-Marsteller usually take part in these trainings.

We teach clients how to effectively prepare their products for exposition in the media, and how to conduct social media communications. We conduct practical exercises based on the most-likely scenarios. We develop rules of conduct and instil media culture principles which enable our clients to present themselves in the media in a professional and credible way.