Mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, redundancies, or new ways of working bring about important changes to the organization and its stakeholders: employees, clients, partners, and shareholders. These changes are usually necessary and aimed at long-term growth of the organization. But they are often met with resistance, because the affected groups are afraid of them or cannot predict their consequences. Their protests and discontent may adversely affect the planned changes and undermine expected benefits.

Skilful change management, in which communication activities play a major role, becomes indispensable in such situations. Our agency has successfully led several clients from different industries, such as FCMG, publishing, and energy, through a period of changes.

Through change management, we help our clients develop a communications strategy and create communications guidelines for the managers who are responsible for providing information about the changes. The change communications plan may include communications charts and schedules, letter templates, and Q&A documents. We also advise our clients in choosing the best communications tools, such as general meetings, individual discussions, hotlines, mailings or “question boxes”. We also offer change communications trainings for the managers.

Our change management methodology is based on the best practices developed by Burson-Marsteller.