At the heart of our approach to brand communications is understanding what determines its success today.

In a world where the consumer is constantly flooded with messages by numerous brands, the ability to stand out from the crowd has become more important than ever. It is not, however, about creativity for its own sake. The relations between the brand and the consumer are significantly different today than a decade or just several years ago. The brands are being depreciated, often ignored, to the point that we can speak of consumer “cynicism”. This is why the real challenge today is to shift the focus from talking about the brand to showing why it can become valuable and important for particular consumers. It must address their real needs, improve life and inspire confidence.

The second key element of our strategic approach, in addition to understanding consumer issues, is understanding our clients’ core competencies and their business objectives. The combination of these two elements becomes the basis to create integrated and effective communication activities that ensure continuous growth of our clients’ brands.

We offer our clients a comprehensive brand and product communications service, from preparations to enter the market, through the development and implementation of the positioning strategy, to maintaining and strengthening their competitive position. We focus on interaction and involvement, not only in relations with consumers but also with journalists and thought leaders (including social media), using the excellent relations in this area that we have built in recent years. In our work, we often rely on market and consumer research, and for a long time we have also been cooperating with many industry experts. We also specialize in crisis communications.

Our high level of competence in brand communications results from experience in serving companies in industries such as food, cosmetics, chemical, child care, home furnishings, home appliances, and e-commerce.

We serve both domestic and international companies, for whom we carry out activities both in Poland, and in other Central and Eastern Europe countries.