Ryszard Solski, prezes i CEO agencji Solski CommunicationsWirtualne Media, Poland’s leading web site focusing on media and PR industries, published Ryszard Solski’s summary of most important events in PR in 2018 with an outlook for upcoming 2019.

Asked about important developments, Ryszard indicated the merger of our long-term business partner Burson-Marsteller, with Cohn & Wolfe, which led to creating one of the largest global PR company, Burson Cohn & Wolfe. From a local PR industry perspective, Ryszard noted the withdrawal from Poland of LEWIS PR, the second such decision, after Edelman, who closed their office in Poland in 2016.

Asked about the trends, Ryszard emphasized the fast-growing importance of social media but observed that traditional media continue playing an important role, so are a key target in corporate communications aimed at decision makers and key stakeholders.

Morover Ryszard also observed that there are two divergent trends regarding consultancies services offerings. Big international agencies started offering one-stop-shop with all services, while local agencies focus on their core competences. As regards smaller markets such as Poland, Ryszard would expect local clients to continue to appoint advertising agencies, media buying houses, research companies, and PR agencies separately, searching for “best value for money”. In conclusion, this is an opportunity for successful local consultancies such as Solski Communications, which offer top quality services such as PR, digital communications, Public Affairs, as well as media and crisis trainings, and outsource other marcom services to their trusted business partners.

More detailed information (in Polish) can be found at: https://www.wirtualnemedia.pl/artykul/branza-public-relations-podsumowanie-roku-2018-prognozy-na-2019/page:2