Ryszard Solski, prezes i CEO agencji Solski Communications

This year will be much worse for the industry, but I’m not only a pessimist. I hope that the pandemic will encourage many clients to take a new look at the value of a professional communication in the times of the crisis and that in the long run it will bring positive results.

MMP: How will the pandemic affect the PR market in Poland? Which agencies are likely to suffer most? Can it be prevented and how?

Ryszard Solski: Information published by the Holmes Report – currently PRovoke Media – indicate that the global PR industry suffered as much as many other service industries, although certainly not as much as tourism, hospitality and aviation. In recent years the global PR industry experienced 5-6 percent annual growth. Today the optimists expect a zero growth, while the pessimists – up to 5 percent slowdown. The Polish PR industry will not be an exception and it will certainly be affected by the pandemic. It seems that the smaller agencies, which depend on 3-4 clients will suffer the most, as well as those whose clients operate in industries most affected by the pandemic or which had focused on the events. So will those with high costs and low profit.

* * *

The interview covered, among other topics, the impact of the pandemic on the Agency’s financial results, professionalization and other changes in the PR market, and the reputation of the PR industry. The full text of the interview is available on the Media Marketing Polska website.