Kiedy Do SklepuWhenToShop is a free online tool from Mastercard, based on continuously updated data, that allows consumers to plan their visit at a grocery store for the time when it is least busy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it helped Poles to do their daily shopping in a safe way, in line with the social distancing rule. The tool, first made available in May 2020, has been successively developed by adding a section with epidemic recommendations for visiting different types of retail and services outlets, as well as by providing a separate site for Carrefour customers.

Solski Communications agency was responsible for media relations and issue management. The media were informed on an ongoing basis about the development of the WhenToShop platform, as well as about changing shopping trends in lockdown’s subsequent stages. The campaign promoting the service included also social media activities, cooperation with influencers and online advertising.

Through the campaign, Mastercard encouraged Poles to return to brick-and-mortar stores, while giving them a practical tool to help them take care of their health during the pandemic. In addition, the company successfully launched a brand new type of data-driven services, highlighting its competence in this business area. The project also shows that PR is not only about communication, and PR managers have a real impact on implemented business projects that can be monetized. Anna Marciniak, Communications Director at Mastercard, was the originator of the WhenToShop service and managed the entire project, while the campaign helped to build the brand’s image in line with the “walk the talk” principle.

Srebrny Spinacz - FinanseMastercard and Solski Communications received three awards in Golden Clips 2020 contest for the campaign called “Safe shopping during the pandemic with the WhenToShop service”. This included  Silver Clip in the “Finance” category and two Bronze Clips in the “Product PR” and “Covid-19 PR response” categories.