Mastercard offered 5 PLN to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for every tweet which included the #MasterCardGrazWOSP (in Polish: ‘Mastercard plays together with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity‘) posted on the day of the Finale. The Agency was requested to support reaching the Mastercard’s communications objectives: inclusion, innovation, safety, and ‘Priceless Experiences’. The objective was reinforcing the link between the Mastercard brand and digital solutions through execution of an online project on Twitter. The agency was also expected to increase a number of positive mentions about Mastercard in the traditional and social media.

The Agency prepared and distributed press realeases informing about the action and engaged a popular financial blogger as an ambassador. We also encouraged bloggers and journalists to cover the action on their blogs and on Twitter, and on GOCC website and in TV materials we informed about the action. During the GOCC Finale we set up a Twitter wall with up to date status information. The whole action was also communicated live on Polish and European Mastercard’s Twitter accounts, as well as on the accounts of GOCC and their partners. During the whole Finale day we also provided a photo service and live coverage on Twitter.

More than 34500 global users using the action hashtag made the target donation (150 thousand zlotys) topped earlier than expected. We registered and verified almost 160 thousand tweets in total – some of them already after the target has been reached. For more than an hour the hashtag topped the global trends, and it was the national #1 during the whole Finale day.