A crisis simulation is a workshop aiming at acquiring the crisis communication rules and stress-testing a crisis cell in an organization. A detailed training program is always specifically crafted for a particular client. A typical training is based on simulated “press” articles and social media posts which indicate a situation which could impair the customer’s image. The trainees’ task is to form a crisis cell to conduct activities aiming at mitigating the crisis situation and limiting the damages to their image, following their crisis procedures. The work of the crises cell is observed on-site. Specific tasks of the crisis cell may include:

  • analyzing the situation and monitoring the simulation development,
  • preparing and updating a holding statement,
  • preparing a list of stakeholders,
  • preparing messages for specific stakeholders groups and planning reaching out to them,
  • efficient collaboration with the PR agency and using their resources,
  • responding to the journalists’ questions and requests for comment,
  • reacting to posts and comments in social media.

An experienced consultant observes the crisis cell work, group processes, methodological correctness of the activities, compliance with the company’s crisis procedures, task prioritization, time management, activity logging, etc. After the simulation, during a debriefing session allows to recap the work of the crisis cell, a quality of the communication with the media and with the other stakeholders, a quality of the messages, correctness of social media activities.

The simulation typically lasts about five hours, including introduction, three hours’ simulation and the debriefing.