In my last year’s summary I tried not to make too strong forecasts for 2019 – and fortunately! Although the last year did not bring any spectacular breakthroughs, I would not have predicted, what really turned out to be important for the social media. 2019 certainly was the year of developing various kinds of “stories” on subsequent platforms – including even LinkedIn – and of popularization of the “personal television”. A kind of surprising (and – perhaps – beginning a new trend), was hiding the number of likes on Instagram posts. Nowadays this information is visible to the content poster only, while all the others would have to count the likes manually. This may put to a stop the “beauty contest” which is flooded with fake accounts and bots. Will this move be followed also by other platforms, not only by those which belong to Facebook? We’ll see.

Speaking of numbers: in July the number of social media users world-wide topped 3.5 billion. This means that social platforms are used by more than 46% of the mankind. In November the TikTok application registered one and a half billion downloads – this is certainly the biggest social media win of the passing year.

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