While not all the new functionalities (especially the quite secondary ones) implemented in subsequent social networks make my heart beat stronger, I am quite curious about the fate of Twitter’s new Fleets feature. The beginnings will certainly not be easy, remembering the earlier major innovations expanding the possibilities of Twitter. Periscope and Twitter Live Video have not been a breakthrough in the long run. Vine, purchased by Twitter in 2012, fell in a clash with Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, we need to keep in mind that Twitter’s ephemeral format is being introduced with a long delay compared to other players (even business LinkedIn is already implementing such a feature). But there’s a potential that lies in those Twitter users who are not active on Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn, and who can be tempted by the fleeting “stories” known from other platforms. Another point for Fleets is the possibility to easily limit access to stories only for selected people. So, there’s some potential in this new feature, but to a large extent secondary to those already available on other services. I am very curious if Twitter will manage to popularize it.

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