We consume and scroll through the content increasingly fast. Under a growing wave of the information flood, what matters the most is what is most up-to-date and what comes first. Looking on how new social media platforms develop, you could even expect that the trend of the forthcoming year will be an ongoing proliferation of the ephemeral content, such as “Stories”/”Relations”. These formats are already implemented by several major social media platforms, and apparently many brands have already perfectly adapted to it with their communications or advertising materials.

The users increasingly appreciate the spontaneous content and want to be up to date. It’s also seen in the recognition of the “live” video format. Whether a short “disappearing” shot, or a longer live video – the “real time” communication evokes emotions, curiosity and encourages engagement. Today’s consumers want to receive information instantly and require that their questions are responded immediately. Consequently, increasingly more visible are chatbots. This type of solution may indeed accelerate the customer service, but only if it’s well designed. A bot which unable to communicate efficiently, yet which makes it more difficult to contact a live consultant, will rather deter the customers from contacting the company rather than promote it. So this trend, albeit fashionable, is very demanding. To conclude, the 2020 appears to be the year of being here and now, and of reacting to everything rapidly. Even though there’s more and more talk about slowing down – as of now, we are still, unfortunately, running.

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